Dataset: /thredds/ncss/cft/C64-60k_Mk3.5G35_A2-ct-uf/monthly_data/ ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 2053-06-16T03:00:00Z

Select Variable(s):

zs = Surface height

Variables with available Times: 21780.0 minutes since 2053-06-01 00:00:00

avtmaxscr = Maximum screen temperature
avtminscr = Minimum screen temperature
clh = Hi cloud ave
cll = Low cloud ave
clm = Mid cloud ave
epan_ave = Avg potential "pan" evaporation
evap_tot = Avg evaporation
fracice = Sea ice fraction
maxmonthrnd = Maximum precip rate in a timestep
psl = Mean sea level pressure
rh_10am = rhum level_1 3-hrly 6hr
rh_4pm = rhum level_1 3-hrly 24hr
rnd = Precipitation
rnet = Net radiation
sgdn_ave = Solar downwelling at ground
tgg1 = Soil temperature lev 1
tgg2 = Soil temperature lev 2
tgg3 = Soil temperature lev 3
tgg4 = Soil temperature lev 4
tgg5 = Soil temperature lev 5
tgg6 = Soil temperature lev 6
totrnd = 24hr precipitation
tscrmonthmax = Maximum screen temperature
tscrmonthmin = Minimum screen temperature
tscrn = Screen temperature
u10max = Zonal max 10m wind
v10max = Meridional max 10m wind
wb1 = Soil moisture lev 1
wb2 = Soil moisture lev 2
wb3 = Soil moisture lev 3
wb4 = Soil moisture lev 4
wb5 = Soil moisture lev 5
wb6 = Soil moisture lev 6

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